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From Alejandro and Doris

South American Mission Society

Mission Partners:- Alejandro and Doris Mesco

Country:- Peru

South American Mission Society (SAMS) has links with the parish, and we have a link with a couple from Peru called Alejandro and Doris Mesco, who came to visit the parish in the recent past.


SAMS & CMS integrated on the 1st February 2010

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Who We Are

Church Mission Society

Mission Partners:- Ben and Katy Ray

Country:- Tanzania

We also have links with CMS mission partners Ben and Katy Ray, who have taken oven the work that our previous mission partners Andy and Susie Hart did out in Tanzania developing ‘Neema Crafts’ along with other amazing missionary work they did there.


We are always trying new ways to serve our local community and demonstrate the love of Jesus.
We are also linked with other missions as out lined below: