Articles on Faith & Life

From time to time, staff members will write an article that will be placed here as a Blog.  This might be on area of their work, or maybe looking at a contemporary issue, or at something that will stimulate thought and debate. The views expressed are the individuals – but we hope that these will help us think through areas of faith and discipleship, and maybe also get us to pray! 

Personal Stories

My Mother

My mother has dementia – it is a cruel, cruel condition. It robs you of your energy, your enjoyment of life, and your anticipation of

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Vision for 2021

Much has changed in our world and church since we launched our Parish Vision Document in early 2020. Our nation has been dealing with the

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Personal Stories

A Story of Grace

Hi, I’m Clive and this is my story. Born into a non-churchgoing family in 1942 in Woodhouse, Leeds I had a happy childhood, loved and

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