Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig & Dave Roberts

Recommended by Marion Gready


Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig - Dave Roberts

“Praying 24/7: Living our whole lives in grateful awareness of God’s presence and with a desire to please Him always…. The key to this is to maintain a rhythm, a heartbeat of disciplined prayer, in which we encounter Christ regularly. During these prayer times we re-focus and re-centre on Jesus, becoming fully aware of His presence so that we can then carry God’s presence with us wherever we are and will go. Our lives will be a continual relationship with God”

The above words are some thoughts and quotes I wrote down during the reading of Red Moon Rising and Dirty Glory. Books about the 24/7 prayer movement which began in 1999 and has grown to reach many individuals and nations.

Red Moon Rising describes how the 24/7 prayer movement started without any pre-planning: it evolved from a small prayer meeting and has continued to self-seed into the lives of many people in different nations. This book is an easy to read account which describes pain and perseverance in prayer, stories about fighting injustice and also descriptions of faith miracles as well as struggles to hear God speak at all!

The second book (Dirty Glory) continues the story of the 24/7 movement – again struggles and faith miracles as well as insights into prayer as church groups and as individuals.

Both books are written in a narrative style and tell stories about people who love God and want to come close to Him in prayer and help others to come close to Him too; praying about all sorts of issues and for all sorts of people in different nations and cultures.

The books contain ideas about various ways of praying, which can be used in, or adapted to, any setting so from that point of view the books are very practical.

For me the best bits were the short insights and quotes about our relationship with God and our personal prayer life, like the quote I used at the beginning of this review.

I must say the books also made feel uncomfortable at times, in the sense that there can be so much more we can do and learn about prayer, as churches and as individuals. But being challenged and made to feel uncomfortable can be the start of something new – it is important to look ahead, discuss thoughts and ideas with others, finding the right balance and ways for us to pray to God and develop our relationship with Him as individuals and as a church.

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