Want to get baptised?

We love to baptise new members (adults and children) into God’s family. These services take place during our main morning services on a Sunday – they can happen at any of our 3 churches. In the first place, contact us at the Parish office – cliftonchurchoffice@gmail.com – and we can make plans from there.

What To Expect.

Once you have made contact with us, we will discuss with you a place and a time for the baptism. It is lovely to have family and friends with you for such a special occasion. You will be invited to attend our services between booking the service and the baptism itself – it is good if you get to know the family into which you are being baptised! We will ask you to fill in a form, with details of the child/person to be baptised, plus details of parents and godparents. Before the baptism, we will come and visit you, to discuss the promises that will be made, and the things you will need to do

What To Expect.

There are three main parts to the baptism service – there are the promises made by the parents and godparents before God and the congregation present, there is the baptism with water, the cleansing and washing away of all that we have done wrong, and we give each child/person who has been baptised a candle – to remind them (and us) that we are called as baptised children of God, to be ‘lights in the world’. Those being baptised get a certificate (and their name is kept in a special register in church), and the godparents get a certificate to remind them of the promises they have made. It is a very beautiful and special service!  

There is a charge of £18 for the Baptism Certificate (2024 fee)

Find out about getting Baptised.

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