Celebrating your loved one's life

Funerals tend to be organised through an Undertaker – and there are some very good ones here in York. You can choose to have a service in church if you want to – this is followed by a cremation or burial. Alternatively, we can take a service straight at the Crematorium or the graveside.

What To Expect.

It is important that funerals are very personal services – you can choose music, readings and prayers, and it is good to have different people involved. You will know the person who has died far better than we will, and so your reflections are very important. If the service is in church, we can play music for you, and we have a screen if you wish to show some photographs.  This can all be arranged in the visit that takes place before the service. 

There is a statutory fee for a funeral that is set by the Church. This is covered by the Undertaker so you don’t need to worry about it. 

There will be things like flowers and orders of service to think about, but we are happy to help in whatever way we can – we are conscious that it is a time when there are many different emotions going on, and many different things to plan, so do let us know how we can help. 

We can also help you think through what happens after the funeral, particularly when it comes to things like the burial of ashes. There are a number of people who plan their funeral before they die – they choose the readings, the hymns/songs, etc. They write all this down and then give it to us – we commit to keep it safe and confidential until the time when it is needed. This often helps the family at a time when there is a lot of other things going on. Do let us know if we can help you in this way at all.

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